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The Minahasa Highland

If you want to explore the attraction rich Minahasa Highlands, best is to stay in Tomohon, about 25 km away from Manado. To get an idea about the many things to do in this cool, mountainous area, have a look at the homepage of the Highland Resort in Kinilow, a few km from the center of Tomohon. This is an ideal place to base yourself and explore the area, or just relax for a couple of days. It is very quiet and the cottages, made from palm wood, are spacious and comfortable. Even small things are well taken care of, the food is good and the staff friendly and helpful. All this at a very reasonable price. Recommended!
Other options are the Happy Flower Resort and the Volcano Resort in Kakaskasen II. At the other end of Tomohon: Wawo Hotel and Kawanua Cottages.
At the upper end of the scale is the Gardenia Country Inn with beautiful gardens and surroundings.

Highland Resort Tomohon, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
The Highland Resort is located at the edge of a thick jungle forest of Kinilow, 20 km from Manado and 5 km before Tomohon. It offers a cool respite from the tropical heat of the town, and a quiet venue to relax and enjoy the lush vegetation and birdlife found in the Highlands.
A dramatic feature of the Resortís location is the towering volcanoes of Lokon and Mahawu. The volcanic soil of the area provides the lush vegetation surrounding the resort and the region produces most of the vegetables and flowers supplied to Manado.
Highland Resort Tomohon
Highland Resort North Sulawesi
Tel: (+62) 431 353333
Fax: (+62) 431 353777

What you shouldn't miss: The two easy-to-climb active volcanos Mt. Lokon and Mt. Mahawu and the colored Linow Lake. At Tondano Lake have lunch at the "Danau Tondano Restaurant" near Remboken: it's a lot more idyllic than the Government run resort in Remboken itself. In the meantime more restaurants have opened along the shore.

Like to do some whitewater rafting? Try Waraney, a professional and safe operator. Booking through Manado Safari Tours.

The Volcanological Center in Tomohon is constantly monitoring the three active volcanoes in the area; go there before you climb one of them and get information about the actual state of activity. There are also some photographs from recent eruptions.

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