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Tompotika Dive Lodge, Central Sulawesi

The Tompotika peninsula, administratively belonging to the city of Luwuk, separates the Banggai Islands from the Togian Islands, and is located in the Molucca Sea.

Map of Tompotika peninsula

The tip of the peninsula is a very good spot for diving: pinnacles, ridges and boulders covered with colorful soft corals and gorgonians offer nice underwater sceneries and are home for a very diverse marine life. Big schools of fish such as trevallies, barracudas, surgeon fishes and rainbow runners can be seen in the area. Encounters with bigger animals such eagle rays, manta rays, tunas, white and black tip sharks as well as grey reef sharks are also frequent.

Critters are well represented with many of the typical species of the Indonesian waters, including various and rare nudibranchs, frogfishes, ghost pipe fishes, wonderpus, etc.

The Tompotika Dive Lodge is located in the small village of Kampanar, right on the beach. It includes three bungalows, a restaurant and a dive center. The diving is from a polyethylene 6-meter dinghy. The diving season extends from October to end April. Besides diving, we propose some treks on the Tompotika Mountain, cycling in the surroundings, sailing on a beach catamaran. During the non-diving season, the resort remains open. Desert white sandy of the area beaches are amongst the most beautiful of Sulawesi.

Tompotika Dive Lodge

At one hour from the resort is a beach where it is possible to observe Maleo Birds, an emblematic bird from the area, which is protected here: they dig big holes in the sand to borrow their eggs. On the small islands of Pulau Empat it is possible to observe flocks of bats at dusk.

The Tompotika Dive Lodge is also the base of a marine conservation project which - in cooperation with the local population - is protecting about 20 km of coastline against abusive and destructive fishing practices. The goal is to officially achieve a "local protected area" status (MPA).

Tompotika Dive Lodge can be reached from Luwuk. Various airlines such as Lion Air, Sriwijaya and Garuda have flights to Luwuk from Makassar (which is well-connected from Surabaya, Jakarta and Denpasar), and 3 times a week from Manado. From Luwuk it's a scenic 3 hour road trip to Tompotika Dive Lodge. Guests are met at the airport.

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