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These pages are meant as an additional source of information for everyone planning a trip to North Sulawesi (Manado, Bunaken, Lembeh, etc.), Gorontalo and the Togian Islands/Central Sulawesi. They are not meant to be complete, used as the only source of information, neither are they meant to be objective. A lot of information that has been included here is based on my eight years of living in North Sulawesi (1993-2001) and yearly return visits since then. Personal experiences thus play a role, and apart from this it's simply not possible to include every single hotel, dive center or tourist site in the area. Therefore you should consult other information sources as well; some great links to websites about (North) Sulawesi you'll find on the Links page. Probably most important is the information that you get from other travellers.

I'm trying to keep this site as up-to-date as possible but since I'm not living in North Sulawesi anymore I'm most grateful for all kinds of information that is sent to me. Tell me if there's anything that you feel should be included here, or about your experiences while traveling in North Sulawesi. Just email me; I will read everything thoroughly and reply.

You will see ad-like boxes with recommendations for various operators on some of the pages. All of them have been checked; if they weren't good they wouldn't be on my site.

(North) Sulawesi - Introduction

For a short introduction into North Sulawesi's geography and two maps please click here.

Click on the buttons on the left side (top) and you will find information about Manado, the Bunaken National Marine Park, Lembeh Strait, Scuba Diving, the Minahasa Highlands, the Tangkoko Nature Reserve, the Sangihe-Talaud Islands, onward travel to Gorontalo/Togian Islands/Central Sulawesi and about how to get to the Philippines from Manado.

On the Before you travel page you can find some information on what you should consider before your trip and some other travel hints.

Check Indonesia's visa regulations that are in place since February 2004. Depending on what country you are from you might have to apply for a visa before traveling to Indonesia.

Other resources about North Sulawesi & Indonesia are on the Links page. There are also some useful and recommended links for Central and South Sulawesi.

One site I want to mention here is Snorkelling and Diving on Bunaken Island by my good friend Papa Klaus, with some excellent background information not only about Bunaken. It's also good fun to read.
For more general information about North Sulawesi (history, culture, nature) take a look at

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